A great college experience begins with finding the right school for who you are and who you want to become.


College should be a time for you to sharpen your strengths, grow your passions, and enjoy the process of learning. But if you're at the wrong school, you're going to have a hard time fulfilling those expectations. 

We firmly believe that attending college is not a one-size-fits all experience. At I'mPossible CAC, we consider all of the aspects that make you you, from your social preferences to your study habits. From there, we help you find the schools where you're most likely to flourish. 

If we've learned anything from our own college experiences, it's that the name on your degree will be far less important than what you do while you're there. Let us help you make the most of your journey.


Like most great things, our secret's in the sauce. Here's our not-so-secret recipe for college admissions success:


We've got more than 13 years of combined experience helping students prepare for, apply to, and gain admissions to universities. Our consultant, Leah, is an academically trained counselor and coach, and she previously ran one of the most sought-after academic consulting companies in Tampa, Florida.


Our founder, Whitney, worked as an admissions decision maker for five years at USC. She's read over 20,000 applications and made admissions decisions for students just like you. She knows exactly what colleges are looking for and how decisions are made.


We've worked with hundreds of students over the years, and 100% of them have gained admissions to at least one of their top three college choices. And for those who received ACT tutoring, 97% have seen their scores increase. Bullseye!